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1. Scan and pay direct on computer by using ABA Mobile App (Scan QR)

2. Go cashless with ABA Pay

Revolutionizing​ mobile​ banking​ solutions,​ ABA​ is​ proud​ to​ introduce​ you​ ABA​ PAY​ –​ modern,​ secure,​ and​ instant​ cashless​ payment​ method​ based​ on​ QR​ code.​ With​ ABA​ PAY,​ you​ can​ pay​ cashless​ in​ shops,​ restaurants,​ or​ even​ online​ directly​ from​ your​ smartphone!

This​ feature​ is​ tailored​ with​ your​ convenience​ in​ mind,​ and​ you​ don’t​ always​ need​ to​ think​ about​ topping​ up​ your​ account.​ All​ ABA​ PAY​ transactions​ will​ be​ done​ straight​ from​ your​ ABA​ account​ or​ card.​

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