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The Definitive Course To Monetizing Your Facebook Groups!

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The Definitive Course To Monetizing Your Facebook Groups!

Ways Jewelers Can Manage Their Social Media Communities

In previous courses, we looked at how to establish a jewelry business. The marketing side of it was not fully fleshed out, which necessitated that we do this course. With the popularity of Facebook groups and evidence showing just how effective they can be, it would be sad if you missed out on a chance to create a way to generate more revenue.

Of course, this is not all about money. We are trying to create a community that will be your connection to your customers. You will be able to build a loyal following that constitutes a market-on-demand when done correctly.

Some things that people learn about groups are useful and others are not. To make this course give you maximum usefulness, we ensured that we covered all the major and important points that we know will be most useful to you.

As you dive into the course, you will be taken through the steps that start at the foundation of the group and go all the way to how you can successfully manage the group. You will also learn how to leverage the newfound power to reach people on a personal level and make revenue from the activities you can organize and the products that you can sell.

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What you’ll learn

  • 1. Formation of community foundations.
  • 2. How to create suitable group content.
  • 3. How to bring in new members.
  • 4. How to engage the community.
  • 5. How to make everyone feel safe in the community.
  • 6. Monetizing a solid community.
  • 7. Business collaborations and their benefits.
  • 8. Conducting meetings, workshops & lectures for outreach and revenue.
  • 9. Data and metrics in streamlining your operation.
  • 10. Educational material for engaging members and reaching more people.
  • 11. Successfully managing social media groups.

Who this course is for:

  • • All the people who want to increase their revenue.
  • • People who want to gain traction and build their stores to a new level.
  • • Entrepreneurs who want to create a market-on-demand by making personal connections.
  • • Business-oriented people who want to optimize how they operate their business.
  • • Jewelry store owners or social media managers who want to bring traffic to their online business through a group.
  • • People who want to know how to run a Facebook group community.
  • • People who want to avoid the common mistakes made when starting a Facebook group.


  • • A personal computer (like a laptop) or a smartphone
  • • Internet connection
  • • An open mind and willingness to learn

About the Instructor

Yariv Guy
Online Entrepreneur

My name is Yariv Gai, I spent almost seven years in Bangkok, and I fluently speak Thai, English, and Hebrew. I have spent the majority of my life both as a marketer, and as an online entrepreneur, my primary interests have been to impart knowledge to others. I believe that the success of others boils down to the opportunities to learn from the life experiences of professionals.

Product details

  • Full Video Tutorials
  • Video Duration: 1h 49m
  • 8 sections
  • 27 lectures
  • Language: English


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